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In-Clinic Therapy in Chilliwack, BC. Featuring BI’s & Therapy Assistants led by quality SLP’s, OTs and Behavior Consultants (RDI).

Looking beyond Chilliwack? Discover how our RDI consulting can change your child future, though family or BI led therapy.

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A Friendly Note About Our Culture

We Take it So Seriously, We Put it in Our Contract

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Before we work together, we want to ensure it’s a good fit. During our discovery meeting, we’ll go over your expectations for your child’s therapy and cover our contract, one that speaks to our strong belief in inclusivity, inclusivity, and more inclusivity.

We’re about embracing your child, not changing them.

We Accept Dozens of Insurance Plans:

The Ausome Approach

An Empowering, Inclusive & Full-Service Approach to Working with Kids & Teens with Autism

Like Your Child, We're Wonderfully Unique.

Our 3-for-1 approach to behavioral Intervention—affectionately called 'Build-A-Behavioral Interventionist’ (or ‘Build-A-BI'—combines several types of hand-picked therapies into one mega-sized therapy for your child)

Discover how our approach to autism therapy can bring out the best in your child Click, 'Book a discovery meeting' today.

Together, Let’s Build-A-Bear, Er, Build-A-BI

Choose the Autism Therapy Stuffing that Works Best for Your Child

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Hand-Selected Specialist 1

Example: Speech-Language Pathologist

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Hand-Selected Specialist 2

Example: Occupational Therapist

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Hand-Selected Specialist 3

Example: Behavioral Consultant

Build-A-BI is 3-in-1 therapy hand-picked for the child based on their needs, personality, and therapy goals.

Ausome Match and parents & caregivers work together to build a child's BI. Together, we'll stuff and unstuff the therapy with everything they need and nothing they don’t. Take the next step and Book a Discovery Meeting below.

Behavioral & Therapeutic Specialties

Team Ausome includes professionals trained in the following areas:

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Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology and speech therapy are the cornerstones of autism therapy.

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Behavioural Consulting

Our Behavioural Support is through the RDI Relationship Development Intervention model. Often described as the missing thread in autism therapy, RDI focuses on parent and BI training programs, which help shift our perceptions and interactions in everyday life, not just isolated to therapy hours.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy for children and teens living with autism.

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Behavioural Intervention

Our behavioral intervention therapists offer 1:1 tailored support for kiddos with autism.

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Learn more about our process and pricing

Find out about our innovative, cost-effective way of working with kiddos living with autism.

Celebrate Your Child & Their Uniqueness

Inclusive Autism Therapy Services For Parents & Caregivers of Children & Teens With Autism Across B.C.

“No matter what your child is like today, Team Ausome will accept them through transitional changes, diverse cultures, and personality growth. Whether silly or serious, We’ll celebrate their individuality and work to bring out their best.”


Become an Ausome Therapist or Interventionist

Join Our Group of Autism Therapy Professionals

We’re hiring speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavioural interventionists, behaviour consultants, and generally awesome people.

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Enjoy flexible hours & work autonomy

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Competitive salary

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Remote work opportunities (except for BIs)

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Focus on what you do best

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Share the same philosophy as your colleagues

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Gain support & collaboration

Find out if it’s a good match to Join Ausome Match:


Our Clients & Kiddos Think We’re Amazeballs*

*Direct quote from one of our awesome kids.

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"My wife and I weren't happy with our previous SLP. Since the switch to Ausome Match and their new SLP, Catherine, we’ve been very happy. Catherine works with us by Zoom call and works along with us and our BI. Before Catherine we felt we weren't part of our son’s SLP journey. (Previous SLP’s) didn't ask questions about our son or really get to know him. With Catherine, she gets to know our son … and comes up with a plan to help him communicate. Since Catherine, we’ve seen our son more engaged with words and he now uses them for certain requests. Catherine has over 20 experience and really does want to make a difference for your child. As parents we’re thankful to have her working with us and our BI on our son's journey."

Ausome Match Parent Client
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“Ausome Match has been incredible helping my daughter with her sensory disorders and speech delay. My daughter has been speaking more clearly and her vocabulary is expanding. Her social anxieties are starting to lessen when we are at events and her confidence is becoming more powerful than ever before. I thank the Ausome Match program team and their Amazing supportive BI’s for Everlys progress with her transition into Kindergarten and growing into a strong, independent Beautiful 5 year old girl.”

Shannon, mom of Everly