What does it mean to be an “Ausome Parent” and am I one?


Remember back in high school when there were all these cliques? The popular ones, the nerds, the jocks, the trouble makers and the goody two shoes?  

Being an Ausome Parent means you LOVE and CELEBRATE them all.   Not one clique is better than the other. We can mix cliques, move cliques or just stand silently and watch cliques.  

Its simple to know if you are an Ausome Parent. Here are the top three questions to ask yourself: 

  1. Will my reaction be positive or negative to anything my child chooses to be, that is not in line with who I am
  2. If I am in a grocery store and I see a child having an overwhelming moment, causing passing byers to stare and judge, would I tell the parent they are doing great? Or would I silently judge as well? 
  3. Do I celebrate every human in the space they are at? Or do I wish my child was on par with their classmates for milestones? 

See the answers upside down at the bottom of this post. 

Bonus question, because we like to sprinkle some thought:  If you answered incorrectly to any of the three questions above. Do you want to change your perspectives? If yes, welcome my friend to the Ausome Parents club.  


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